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Do you ever feel this way?

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Sometimes I get ravenously hungry. (In my big stomach, I guess) I had some tuna on lettuce for supper and then all of a sudden my big stomach is just begging for food! The problem is, my little stoma is not having it! LOL I just ate a little stick of cheese and my stoma said.."No way, Kim..I can't hold that!" It is almost like they are fighting back and forth. Weird, huh? LOL

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Hi, I was wondering today if that sensation ever goes away. I was thinking about posting on it, but could not think of the right way to word it. My medication makes me full for hours after taking it and I am on day 19 post-op. But I feel so hungry somewhere in my stomach. I sure hope something gets rid of this feeling of constant hunger. I am really depending on the band to this for me so I can make healthy choices from a calm place rather than ravenous.

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