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Hi everybody!

I just got my first fill a week ago this past Saturday, I got 2.2 ccs and I thought, "Wow, that's a great fill - more than a lot of other Bandsters get". Well the thing is, I found out I have the larger 10 cc band - I lost my little card that tells what kind and what size band you have - so what I thought was a great aggressive fill is just the same approx. fill everyone else is getting.

Anyway, the reason I'm posting is it would be very helpful when you all are talking about your fills if you also mention what size band you have. Let's face it, we are all comparing our experiences with others on this forum, so come on, come clean - how big is your band?????


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I wonder why he put the bigger band in you. I have more weight to loose and he put the 4cc band in me. He ussualy puts the 10cc in people over 275 lbs I was told. I cot 1cc on the 12th of this month, heres hoping for great restriction.

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I have the 10cc band and I just got my 3rd fill and it put me up to 2cc in my band...and it has been a very aggressive fill....I can't eat or drink anything in the morning...around 11 I start sipping on some tea or water to get me ready to try and eat some lunch....in the evening isn't near as bad...I guess I've relaxed by then causing my band to relax?? but anyway, not complaining its doing its miracle job, helping me lose the weight! and I think size of the band depends on the size of your stomach or something like that, it doesn't depend on the amount of weight to loose...Good luck! ;)

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Wow, lucky you Cathy - 4 ccs for your first fill?

I got 2.2 and I'm not feeling a thing; I got the fill August 9th so this is my second week and I was kind of hoping it would "kick in".

Anyway, I'm happy for you - hope my next one will be another 2.2 ccs, that would make me happy.

I think maybe the size of the band has to do with your stomach, because I'm not a big person - I'm 5' 4" and right now I weigh 183. I would not say I'm big boned, I'm probably medium.

You know it's silly, but it bugs me that I had to have the bigger band - it's like when we used to eat a huge plate of food and then later tell everybody, "I only had a little bit". I want to tell everybody, "Oh, I only have the 4 cc band (therefore I'm not a big person)".

I'm really tired of "big"!

Oh well.

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I have the 4cc band and I have 1.8cc in it after 4 fills.

Hi Kim,

I have been keeping up with your posts because I feel that I relate to the small fills. I know that you are going to a new fill doc on Friday and I am with you on hoping that you get your sweet spot.

When I went to the doctor Mon the 18th. The receptionist had me come in when I told her of my frustration of feeling that I am still in Bandster Hell. The fill PA was NOT happy to see me back so soon (last fill was on the 6th) and said she only does fills every 4 weeks and it was

too early. I was very upset and explainded that I needed more, I wanted the tool to start helping me becasue I at the point of giving up. Like you I feel that I am dieting and exerciseing with out a tool. And like in the past, after so long, I give in to old behaviors. She gave in and not to happily gave me an extra .2 cc.

Today I had a solid breakfast and feel a kind of naussia full. No PB'g. that's fine with me. I am going to see if I can get away with eating less and still being satisfied.

Another cool thing that the receptionist did for me is to send me (for free) to the nutritionist and the physch person to talk to. The nutrit told me to find out my BMR and plan my calorie intake around that, she said it makes all the difference in the world to know.

The physch invited me to monthly group sessions and to read a book "mindless Eating". the thery that I got so far from the book is that if you loose slowly (1 lb) per week that you can fool you body and it will not even realize you are looseing the weight and will avoid cravings and other things that frustrate and sabatoges loosers like going into starvation mode.

She also said that the 2+ pound loosers are the 400 pound men. the band is not ment to be like by-pass where your body melts away before your eyes. People with the by-pass are less likely to be long term succeseful and the slow and steady loosers with the band that usually do not gain the weight back.

Her best advise to me is to be patient and have faith in the band. The truth is it has been 11 weeks since my surgery and I have lost 30 pounds, 3 per week, I could not have done that before having the band. so I guess I will try for now to be patient and have faith in the band.

I want it all yesterday!!!

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I have the VG band..which my fill doc says max's out at like 11 cc. (I guess that extra cc is in the tubing to the port.) My first fill was 3.5 cc and I got my second fill yesterday; 1.5 cc for a total of 5.0 cc. My fill doc says most people eventually end up at about 9 cc in the VG band.

I got my first PBing episode today...I simply forgot and ate something too fast...DUH. Hopefully I will be a quick study and not do that much. ICK.

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Are you sure you don't have the 10cm band? That is the 4 cc band.

The 10 cc band is the VG band. I have a VG band. It had 1cc in at the time of placement. My first fill I got a little of 3cc's that put me a little over 4cc's. I just had my second fill and now I'm a little over 8. I think this is going to be a good fill for me. I've started losing weight again.

Double check and make sure about your band size. I'm guessing because of the size of your fills you have the 10cm/4cc band.

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