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Fill Dr. in Flagstaff, AZ

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$225 with fluoro.

What IS it with hottie bariatric surgeons??? Never hurts to have a cute Dr, right?

Very nice. They do fills in the Ambulatory Surgical Center next to the Flagstaff hospital.

They check you in, weigh you, do BP and heart rate, then into the surgical area...He finds your port, puts a round tool like a target on your tummy over the port spot while the x-ray is showing the overlay, makes a mark, cleans the area, numbs it and then withdraws the original fluid and adds more while you drink the stuff that fluoresces.

You stand for the process and I like standing MUCH better than reclining and trying to sit up with a 4" needle sticking out of you.

Two thumbs up. I'm grateful to have a good option to our equally good option of going to TJ.

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