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I'm being banded here in NJ, I was never told that I had to loose weight before my surgery, It's scheduled for next friday....I would like to loose a couple of pounds if any before hand...does anyone have a copy of the diet that you guys used for your pre-op diet??

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Wow, congrats on your surgery date, I was banded in Ontario, Canada.

My pre-op diet was different than those of the OCC. But from what I have read here, slimfast or other protein shake for breakfast and lunch and a Lean Cuisine or Smart One for dinner and drink lots of water and you will lose a few lbs to get you kicked started.

Best of Luck and be sure to let us know how things go!

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We have 3 plans to choose from. We just pick one based on how far out we are able to start pre-op. A lot of people do the 2 week option.

3 weeks before surgery: atkins

2 weeks before surgery: protein shake for breakfast, protein shake for lunch, lean cuisine for dinner

1 week before surgery: protein shakes for all three meals

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