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I'm sure I know the answer to this, but my husband is insisting that I check to see if they have our type of electricity in the hotels or do we need adapters?

Thanks guys!

If your staying at the Lucerna Hotel, no adapters needed,, just plug in and away you go.

Each room has a hair dryer and a 4 cup Mister coffee maker. Down in the lobby, off to one side is the Internet room, You'll be able to check and send your email or surf the web. At the OCC clinic they have a couple computers for patients to use. If you need to make any phone calls to the states, each patient room has a phone and you can direct dial at no charge. Tell your husband,, no need to worry.

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I walked down the street to the Commercial grocery store (mall) about a 6 block walk and picked up some broth and Crystal Light (there found as Clight or you can get the 1 liter water bottles of Be-lite). My favorite is apple as it tastes just like apple juice and mixed with water! And the for the broth - I'd recommend taking some down too! I just bought a bag of it at the grocery store there (the Knorr kind) for all of $4 and could spoon in as much as I wanted.

Have lots of fun!!!

They have our type. Try to bring some bullion cubes and crystal light. That will really help you.
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