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Not at all, you don't even know it's in there....you will feel port tenderness for the first 4 weeks around your largest incision, but other than that, you wouldn't even know you have a foreign object inside.

Stop worrying...you will be fine!!! Don't over think it.

Deep breath and relax okay!

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I have been banded less than 3 months and lost 30 pounds, so I can feel the port easily under the skin. It does not hurt and it doesn't show, only the scar shows. If it gets to be a problem and shows through the skin when I reach my goal weight and am at my sweet spot, the doctors in TJ said they will put it under the muscle instead of on top.

I don't feel any different, I want to. I want to not be able to eat so much and get a big enough fill. Don't worry, no one I have met ever regrets getting banded. The proof is in the weight loss for me.


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