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hard candy and fudgescicles


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okay, i have been searching around for the answer to this and come to the conclusion that sugar free fudgescicles are ok, BUT what about a regular one? is the sugar harmful to the band? *confession* i ate one, that is why i am worried :blush:

also, yesterday, i had chicken broth for lunch, but it was garlic flavored (ugh, by the way) and afterward i couldn't get the taste out of my mouth and it was my first day at a brand new job and i didnt want to scare anyone off with my garlic breath so i sucked on a dum dum sucker (not sugar free either) to get rid of the taste.

so i am wondering now if we can suck on hard candy at all or just sugar free or none? sorry so many questions, hopefully somebody knows! TIA!!

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