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Last fill was 7\29..... NOW I'm getting restriction???

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Has this happened to anyone? Got a fill and a MONTH later it kicks in???

I got up yesterday and did my morning routine.... drank my coffee blah, blah.... anyways, I went to take my meds and noticed that I was having a little trouble getting them down. I was banded in March and I've NEVER had a problem taking my meds.

I've been packing myself little snacks to eat while I'm working [grapes, cherry tomatoes..] I took some baby carrots. About 10:00am I started munching on the carrots, chewing well, and they got stuck!! Only one other person know's I'm banded and thankfully it's my friend that I work with! She covered for me while I slimmed and got myself straightened around.

I had fish for lunch and I ate it very slowly but I could still feel that tight feeling. I'm not complaining mind you, but has anyone gone a month before feeling a fill?

My throat actually has a "lump" feeling in it this morning while I'm drinking my coffee. The great thing is that I did not feel hungry yesterday at all. I sure hope this stays with me!!!

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I've heard it can take up to 2 weeks, and in fact, mine from August 13th just kicked in yesterday too. I had to throw up after two bites of an Arby's beef and cheddar. But, haven't heard that it could take a month, but I guess it could. Are you stressed over anything? I've heard that and pms can do it too. Either way, I wouldn't worry.

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Thanks Mona! I did just start back to work last week, but it's going pretty good. I was yacking again today! I made a lovely baked chicken dinner and actually got alot of it down but I must have got going a little too fast..... God, I hate to PB! :bad:

I actually hope this restriction stays, it seems I'm gonna have to learn the hard way with my band, I find myself constinetly testing it. I suck.

Thanks again.... I appreciate the feed back. :yes:

P.S. No PMS anymore

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:lb17: I got my first fill on August 9th and just in the last day or two I'm really starting to feel some restriction - I got 2.2 cc in my 10 cc band. I'm going for my second fill September 13th - exactly three months since surgery and I'm hoping for another 2.2 cc at least! :lb17:

Ain't it grand!!! :good2:

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It's taking a little getting used to..... I'm used to my fills lasting 3 or 4 days, then I'd feel almost no restriction. My will power stinks, so I need the restriction to 'remind' me to stop.

I was so surpried when mine kicked in almost one month to the day after my fill. Like I said before, I'm not complaining, it's exactly what I need but I just found it odd that it took so long. :unsure:

I see your fill took awhile to kick in too..... it is grand!!! Now I just have to quit testing it and work WITH it! :P

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