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Excessive Sweating Anyone?

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Hello All,

I've been lurking since my surgery on August 13th and this forum has been great for answering a lot of my questions. I'm 15 days post-op and within the last few days I've noticed that if I exert too much energy then I immediately begin sweating. I'm aware that yes it's summer, but it's not that hot in San Diego at the moment and I was just wondering if this is happening with anyone else? I'm not doing any exercise yet, though I plan to start in a couple of weeksonce the dreaded liquid phase is over! I'm ready to chew something and oddly enough I'm craving salad. And for anyone considering it, go to Dr. Otiz! I loved him and his staff and had a great experience. (The only thing I could've lived without were the 10 days of gas pains). Well thanks in advance!!

Just in case anyone is wondering...(I'm not technically savvy)

Age: 28

Height: 5'8

Highest weight: 250

Decision weight: 241

Pre-Op: 233

Current: 218 (Can't remember the last time I was in the teens)

Goal: 160

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I'm a sweater too, but I'm having hot flashes. From your age, I'd guess that wasn't your problem. Do you feel light headed or dizzy? Do you have a fever? I'd send Dr. O an email or call down to the Center. They're really good about answering real fast. Hope you feel better! Darlene

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What often happens when we change our diet is our bodies will start flushing out toxens. Since you're still on liquids, it should stabilize soon but its a good thing to see happen - try drinking more water if possible.

Thank you...this makes sense because even though I still feel a bit weak, I don't feel sick. I got those protein bullets that people have been talking about and I have to consciously drink more water because it's so hard to get it all down! Also, I've noticed since I've been on the liquids my skin has gotten softer and has a more even tone.

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No sweating for me either, just hot flashes like fat2nrml - let me tell you, they suck! I'm hot, I'm cold, I'm hot, I'm cold, etc. etc.

The only good thing about menopause is no more periods - Yeah!!!!!

p.s. I do fart a lot - is that normal?

p.p.s What is pbing?


Have a great long weekend everyone!

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