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I think my tube might have a kink in it or it is twisted. My band might have slipped. I don't know what it is but something is not right. So here is my story

I had my surgery 11 months ago with a local doctor. Everything was good I was just about at my sweet spot when they gave the next fill of .5 cc and it put it a little full. The Dr said it was too full and took out he said .4cc much to my dislike and that should have left 5.9cc after the unfill. When I got home I could eat or drink anything & was hungry all the time just like before I had surgery. I call them and went back for another fill. I had them to pull and tell how much was in there and they said 4.5cc, so there was 1.4 cc missing. She filled it .5 and 2weeks late another .5. It had the right correct amt when she pulled it (5.5cc). But still no restriction. I went back this past Tuesday and the put .5 cc in (which should have made 6.0cc) and with that she told me I had 6.8 cc. So this trip I gained an extra .8cc from somewhere. At 6.3cc I was throwing up but now I still have no restriction at 6.8cc. They told me it was very sluggish and hard to get it out. I asked for a port study and am waiting to get in.

Please tell me if anyone has had this problem.

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