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keeping track of websites & other information

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Over the past few months, I have seen so much useful information. Is there a place or a way to keep track of websites & other material so we can refer back to it later?

mamamichelle has provided some great websites, but I always have to post and ask where it is.........

Or I am overlooking something?


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Maybe we could start a sticky to add to one of the Information forums and we could all add our fave links to calorie counting sites and such. Clynn could we do that for future reference?

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I don't see why not on general principal. However, since websites are fluid things I'm concerned that it would become primarily populated with broken links. I'm going to be on vacation for the next few days so if people are interested they should say so on this thread and either I'll look into it when I get back or one of the other mods will put it up.

Ackovach, if someone mentions a website in a former post you can always use the search features of this forum or if you know the person who posted it you can click on their name and choose Find Member's Posts.

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