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Does anyone know? protein bomb, and protein,fat, fiber ect.


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I was wondering if there was anyone that was banded by Dr ortiz, and knows how many grams of protein, fiber, fat and how many calories we are suppose to consume a day. right now my weight lose has stoped since i have been on solid foods and i'm afraid i'm not taking in enough of what i need to lose weight, protein, fat, ect. I have also read on the forum about this protein called the protein bomb that people are drinking, are they useing this as a substitute for a meal or just added protein. help!

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That's why we rely on our wonderful online food diaries!

Many use Fitday. I use thedailyplate.com

all that stuff is on there.

Dr. Miranda gave you a generalized diet plan to follow.

If you follow it, you'll land in the arena of 1000 to 1300 calories a day, at least 60g lean protein. You'll end up with an 40/30/30 split of carbohydrate, protein, fat calories in that 1000 to 1300 range.

I haven't used the protein bombs since the clear liquids days. I do, however, generally boost breakfast foods (oatmeal, yogurs) with a scoop of vanilla whey protein.

I add the unflavored Unjury whey protein to creamy soups when I eat those.

Hope that helps!


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