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Im worried

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I'm mega mega mega worried that I streched out my pouch because I'm hungry all the time!!!!!!!! I was doing so well right up until Sat, which was day 8........I feel like Im starving all the time..............please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you still on liquids? If so, there is no way your stomach pounch has stretched. I too was hungry from day one. It was really hard making it through the first 3 weeks, but it can be done. If you are truly only doing liquids right now, you don't need to worry about the stretching. It isn't possible.

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Stop worrying! You can't stretch your pouch on liquids. Feeling hungry is normal, you are not eating solids. Drink lots of water and eat soup as much as you want or need. Don't count calories during the 21 day healing stage.

You will be fine, just follow the guidelines and you will have nothing to worry about!

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