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Aloe Vera gel

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I went to our local vitamin shop today to buy some biotin and try some vitamin b-12 subligual. I got those things and started talking to lady at the front desk which was very helpful. She had bypass and I was telling her about the things I needed to work on. I told her I had been struggling with constipation and I had tried a colon cleansing kit. She said not to do that but to try drinking Aloe Vera Gel everyday. She said I only need about 1 tablespoon. She said it works by pulling moisture to your colon. She said it was good for your digestive system, promotes regularity, and helps muscle and joints. I have heard good things about it before but did not think about it much. I am going to give it a try. If any of you have any info let me know. If it does all it says and if everything works that I bought I should be a happy camper.

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She recommended the gel over the juice. I drank it. Let's just say I am glad it was only a tablespoon. I have tasted worse,but still not tasty. If it makes me regular I will drink it ..chunks and all.

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