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4 days and counting

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Sorry, I can't help it. I am nervous.

We went to see where my son will be staying while we are gone. The baby sitter has a nice house. I worry about the back deck, it is far down. I sure hope she dont let him go back there. I expressed my concern. She seems to think he is just a regular kid. He is not. She will not understand until she has him for a day or so. He is autistic and can run off in a minute and does not call when called to. I know, I worry too much. She told me that he will be fine, she is worried about me. I am going to stress out being without him. I hope I dont have time.

I started having menstral cramps, or maybe they are UTI cramps, I am not sure. I think it is stress. I am going to call my dr just to make sure. But if I start my cycle, I am worried they will turn me away. My husband says it is all in my head. He is very nervous but does not show it like me. I think it will be ok, I will just talk to the advise nurse. It is probebly anxiety. I am drinking alot of fluids too cause I am trying to lose more weight. Who knows. Anyhow, thank you everyone for writing me with all the information. I think I know what to take now and whatever we need we can buy. I plan to take a couple hundred with us, that should cover everything. My friend told me to get a phone card, because I am not sure my phone will work down there. I am going to pick one of those up tomorrow. Anyway, I hope I can lose some more weight before Thursday, cause I have not lost enough. Thanks again everyone.

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Just remember it will be well worth it. Just got back and its all they promised it to be. They will not turn you down if everything checks out such as heart ect. Kids also do really good for a couple of days when your gone (its called a honeymoon period) I do foster care and I know this to be true. 4 days thats so exciting! Think about the good things.

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Hi Stormy:

First of all...calm down. Take a deep breath and relax because I promise you, everything will be okay. Please don't go into surgery with all of this worry! Your son will be fine with the sitter. This is an exciting time for you and your husband and you just need to relax. Take some time for yourself and your husband. You won't need a phone card. Your cell phone will work at the clinic with no extra charges. I'll be praying and thinking of you. Let us know how it goes. My grandmother used to tell me, "Don't borrow trouble". That means your worrying over trouble that hasn't even happened. I know it's hard to leave your son, but this is for the best. Good Luck!!

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Hi Stormy,

First of all, take a deep breath!! Everything is going to be okay. Your son will do fine and both you and your husband need this time away to reconnect and take care of yourselves.

Being nervous is normal, but you have nothing to worry about...it's the most exciting time in your lives, try to enjoy it!!!

Have a safe trip and be sure to let us know how you both are doing okay!

Take care!

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