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Banded @ the OCC, Live in Ontario

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Hi all,

I am going to have to go to the Fill Centre USA in Troy MI for my fill at the end of October, I haven't booked the appt. yet. Is there anyone out there in the same boat who would like to share the ride and split the gas costs? I live Oshawa and would be happy to pick up fellow bandsters between here and Windsor for the company and to help share the cost of the trip.



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Hi Kathy!

I called Missisauga today and they want 5K to take me on. Troy is only a day trip and the price is reasonable. Fill centers USA seem to have a good follow up program. I won't need my first fill until late October so if something else pans out I will go for it. Just can't swing the extra money to fly back to TJ, it would run me about a thousand dollars for the flight and hotel for a nite.


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