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6 month Bandiversary

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Well today marks my 6 month bandiversary and I am down 55lbs. Well I did lose 6 lbs on the pre-op diet. Weight loss has slowed a lot! I have a fill scheduled for October 18th so I'm just slugging along but that's okay. I am still happy with the results. Enjoy the pics.

Old pics first..... new pics in next post!!!

Pre-op 224lbs.


2 months post-op 194lbs


3 months post-op 186lbs


4 months post-op 182lbs


5 months post-op 176lbs


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Well thanks Denise, but you didn't give me time to post the 6 months post op pics so here they are!!!!

6 months post-op 169lbs!!!!






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Misty you look BEAUTIFUL!!! You have done a wonderful job. =D> =D> =D>

I think the closer we get to our goal weight the harder it is. I have been at the same weight for 1 month now,

but I haven't gained. In the days before the band I would have already gained back most of the weight.

You should be very proud of yourself..

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You have done a great job you can really tell a difference!!!! Congrats!!!!

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You look awsome. You are losing weight just like me. It's good to see what an average of 5 to 6 pounds a month will look like in 6 months. To me you look like if you never lost another pound you would have been very sucessful. Thanks for posting and giving us hope.

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Thank you all for your sweet comments. I can honestly say I have never been an inspiration to anyone in the weight loss arena. Just think though - those of you new bandsters are the upcoming inspirations. Keep working hard and stay strong. We'll get there!!!

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You look fantabulous!!! What is your ususual meal plan? We started at about the same time and weight, I was just wondering how I could boost my weight loss you exercise any? Thanks! I need all the help I can get!! <_<

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