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Newbie going to TJ 10/29 Anyone Else about that time?

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Yep, I'm a newbie from Idaho and I'm headed down to TJ the end of October. Is anyone going to be banded on 10/30? I'm excited and looking forward to getting started on the new segment of my life. Working on losing a few before I have to start the pre-op and so far doing great. Have great support from my husband who will be accompanying me and friends. :-h

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Welcome!! I am the week before you on the 22nd. I am sure there are more people going to be there, so far I have only come across 1 person on this board that will be down there while I am. But I guess people don't always use this board! Which is crazy, because everyone on here is soooo nice and sooo full of information. I am very happy with my decision, I hope you will be too!!

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