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Emotional Eating


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OK, I have been thinking alot after reading some posts on here.

Obviously most of us are not only eating due to hunger. I know myself that it has to do with emotions. I eat when I am happy it is a comfort when I am sad etc... We all know that alot of the reason weight is put back on is because of things we have not dealt with.

It is similar to any other addiction, it is something we will always battle. So I know the band is a tool to help keep the weight off, but if some of us do not deal with the underlying issues of why we eat- is it not likely the weight will go back on???

Does the OCC cover any these things when you have the surgery? As this is not just a magic pill you take and wake up thin. It is going to have to be a life style change.

Anyone have info or comments in regards to this?

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We all have had issues with food, that is why we are here. Emotional or Food Addiction is hard to control, because food is everywhere.

I have been banded for 3 1/2 months and for the first little while I obsessed about food, because I couldn't have it...now I eat when I'm hungry and have a healthy snack in the evening, instead of junk as before.

If you need counselling, get it...it's a good thing. The band will help you control binging, you can't or you'll be sick. But it can't control the type of food you eat for the most part. If you eat burgers and fries, you won't lose weight, but if you follow the plan, protein, veggies, grains and fruit, you will.

I have, as many of you have, spent alot of money for this procedure and like many others I am going to take full advantage of being so fortunate to be able to afford this option and to have such wonderful support at home, at work and of course right here every single day.

Take full advantage of this forum and our knowledge and support and you too will be successful.

Best of Luck!!

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