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Eating AFter First Fill

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I had my first fill Wednesday and boy do i feel the restriction.

I don't know what to eat? I need some guidelines and guidance.

I was pretty much eating anything I wanted after 6 weeks post op but now --after the fill if I eat anything remotely solid i barf.

barf or gag.

Can somebody guide me what I should eat? I asked the fill doctor and he said just eat protein but I can't get that down.

Do i stay on liquids? Do I eat soft foods? Is there a recommended diet? I feel so abandoned and kind of at a loss?

Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slightly panicked. I mean I wanted restrictions but what should I eat!

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I havent been banded yet, but from all the reading i have done on this site, i would recommend liquids and calling your doctor that did the fill and see if maybe there is to much in there. Try liquids for a few days and see if maybe then you can eat soft foods.

Just a suggestion, sorry i cant help more!


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i was having major trouble eating after getting my second fill. I couldn't keep anything down - not even some depending on how thick it was. Anyhow, I have found that stress causes extra restriction. Not sure why but for me it does. Not to say it is the same for you. Make sure you are chewing your food like crazy. Also try getting in a protein shake. When i was having trouble i couldn't even keep those down. I buy gnc brand whey protein chocolate caramel flavor. Mix with skim milk and ice cubes in the blender. Yummy. Try de-stressing if you are stressed and if the problem continues go back to the dr and demand him to check you to see if you are too filled. I hope that helps

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When I got my fills with the Fills Center USA, they recommend only warm liquids for the 1st 24 hours to help the fill relax, the 2nd day warm and cool liquids and then progress slowly on the 3rd day to soups and so on.

They do tell you stress plays a role on the restriction. Sometimes I have to drink something warm in the mornings to help relax it or I can't eat all day. Cold increases the restriction level. I'm 4 1/2 months out and I still have a time eating meats, eggs and salads. Hope this helps.

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The OCC doctors also recommend three days of full liquids after your first fill. There is often some swelling after a fill, and you need to let your stomach settle down and the swelling to go away.

If you are still unable to keep anything down after a few days, you may need an unfill. Also, if you are unable to keep even fluids down, go back in to the doctor right away to avoid dehydration, which can be very serious.

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