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Got my first fill done

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Got back from TJ Sat. nite after having my first fill done on Thurs. morning. It took about 5 minutes and couldn't feel a thing. I will start back eating real food again today, so I'll know if it is any different or not. I went with my daughter and we went to San Diego on the trolley on Friday and went to the zoo and then shopping on Rev. Ave. Here's a piece of advice if you are walking across the border. Friday morning at 9am had no one in the line. We walked right up to the desk and straight through. Sat. morning when we got to the border in the OCC van, the line was backed up too far, so we had to go thru the Otay border crossing and we went right through.

I couldn't believe that Dr. So remembered me from when I was there 6 weeks ago, but he even remembered that I went home the afternoon afternoon of my surgery. He refused to fill my band with tequila though. He did know quite a bit about Lucha Libre or the Mexican wrestling, so be sure to ask him about that.

Met Julie Burns at the restraunt, but didn't get to meet Cujo there, so sorry Cujo, Julie said you went to bed early. I did get to play a couple of rounds of Mexican frogger while going over to the convenience store and Starbucks across the street.

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