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Appointment with Surgeon today.

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Hi Everyone, I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon today and no fill was required. I still have good restriction when I eat solids...which is great, so far 4 weeks since 2nd fill.

He told me my weight loss since surgery is right on target.

I had 2 1cc fills since surgery and from this point forward the fills will slow down to .2 to .5 to make mini adjustments as required.

I cannot say enough about my clinic and the after care, they have been so great!!


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Hi Kim,

I have monthly follow up visits with my surgeon here in Ontario, Canada...if I need a fill then I get one, if I don't, I don't get one. If I need one tommorrow, I can call and go in for one, it's totally up to me.

I have another follow up appointment scheduled for mid-November, but if I need a fill before then I just call and they fit me in right away. I paid upfront before surgery for surgery and 5 years of aftercare.

If you decide to go to a local fill centre, then you can decide when you need a fill...generally it's about 4 weeks after surgery and then whenever you need one after that.

Two days to go, you must be excited!!! All the best and be sure to let us know how it all goes.

Safe trip, take care!!

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