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Medical Flex account night mare

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So I sent the receipt in to get OUR money out of the medical flex account. They said all I needed was a receipt. They DENIED it. :(( Now they are saying I need a prescription and then it will have to go to a medical review team to determine if it was medically necessary before they will give us OUR money back. I am so mad. HOW DARE THEY!! I am going to talk to my dr but how stupid. the whole thing is stupid, they are making it impossible and completely stupid to get our own money back. What is the deal? There is almost $3,000 in there. I can't tell you how bad we need the money right now. I just can't believe they basically lied to us. I sure hope my dr will work with me on this, he was all for this once I told him we were doing it but I have never asked him for prescription because he said here it takes to long to get it approved. Anyway, just needed to vent. thanks

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Dr wrote up a prescription, lets see what happens. I hope they give us back some of the money, we need it bad.

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