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Get to eat today

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LOL, I remember how I thought about the whole three weeks what I am going to eat and changed my mind daily :popcorm1:

I ended up being such a chicken, that my very first real "meal" was just a SALAD :rolleyes: I thought everything else would not go down.

Go with your instinct and what you think is good for you. Everyday you will find more and more new "solids"

you feel comfortable with, believe me :) Most important is to follow the bandster rules ;)


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Hey there,

I had a scrambled egg with onions and green pepper softened in butter, no milk in the egg. Man was it good!!!


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I had oatmeal for breakfast and it kept me full all day. Had fresh salmon for dinner and could only eat 4 or 5 bites then was full. It was sooo good to eat real food though.

I too get to eat real food today after 1 week of liquids, actually there were 3-4 days I barely even had liquid. I am a little scared. I may just have thick liquid this AM and try food later when the band loosens up. My pills sort of stuck this AM and so I know to be careful.

Have something you really want and enjoy it. You'll be surprised at how little you'll be able to eat. Remember if you can eat more than you think, measure out 1/3 to 1/2 cup of everything and eat no more. ENJOY!!

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I am so jelious. I have 8 more days and I can barely stand it!!! I know I can do this.. I am just bored with all this liquid. Is there nothing to spice up this boring liquid diet. I want a chicken sandwhich. I remember those days. But I also remember how sick I would feel afterwards. I am so glad that I will only be eating a little bit now. I am going to be really scarred when I do eat. I dont want to hurt this thing at all. Maybe mashed potatos will be it for me.

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