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Tummy Tuck Video --

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Thanks Jann, I have had both procedures done, but never really new exactly what they did!

great videos

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One important note for us lap band pts.

It’s very important that you go to a doctor that is experienced with bandsters. They have to be very careful with our port and cannot move the skin past its placement or pull too hard down on the skin for tightness. I talked to many PS before finding mine through Pammie, and the reason I decided on him was he flat out told me I would not be happy with a normal tummy tuck, due to my high weight lose I needed to go further back, (Pammie has a normal tummy tuck, I have extended) I also needed lippo on my back and sides to give me curves (Pammie has natural curves) So ask question, go to more than one and talk to people who used him/her. I actually called the hospital were he operated out of and talked to a nurse, she said that he was great, and that most of the nurses had used him for their personal surgeries. (I know that’s true because for every single one of my surgeries I either had a nurse before me or after me, this last time the nurse who called me for my pre hospital check up went in right after me).

good luck - glad I did this!

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