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Gas, Food, and Comedy

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Ok, So I'm 8 Days post op, In the morning, right when I get out of bed I feel like a burp is comming up, but stops short at the base of my (what I think is the diaphram) and holds pressure, then dissapates...This must be gas?

I feel good, I can't belive how fast the weight is comming off right now, I feel like I should be working out to help, but that will have to wait a few more weeks.

I havent really been hungry much, but when I smell food its a trigger...But if I drink some water/gatoraide and move on, its not to bad. I can't belive how acute my sense of smell is. Today, my cubical partner was eating some fresh bread, and I could smell it like it was in my mouth!

This band is making for some serious amusment...

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Guest CaraMBA09
Gas is yours for good! You will be a ball of gas for the rest of your life....after eating it's worse....it's better out than in!!

Ahh yes, the gas. I am a whoopie cushion and have to be very discreet at all times! although I was horrified yesterday I farted while getting my massage therapy done...EEE GADS!

I still love my band though!

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I was gassy before surgery and it hasn't got any better!!! I am so lucky my husband broke his nose years ago and his sinuses are not working

correctly, I also used to get the half burb or what I would call the reversed hiccup. They stop after awhile. Enjoy your band.

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