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10 important rules

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Every now and again I have to refresh my knowledge and check my habits. I've found this posting to be helpful.

10 important rules

Here are ten rules for eating, drinking and exercise that will help you get the best results you can. How willing you are to follow a new way of eating is key to making the operation a success.

  1. Eat only three small meals a day
  2. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly (15-20 times a bite)
  3. Stop eating as soon as you feel full
  4. Do not drink while you are eating
  5. Do not eat between meals
  6. Eat only good quality food
  7. Avoid fibrous food
  8. Drink enough fluids during the day
  9. Drink only low-calorie fluids
  10. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day

Lap banding creates a small stomach pouch that can hold only about half a cup of food. If you try to eat more than this at one time you may become nauseated or vomit. If you routinely eat too much, the small pouch may stretch. That will cancel the effect of the operation. Frequent vomiting can also cause certain complications, such as stomach slippage. You need to learn how much your stomach pouch can hold comfortably and then not exceed this amount.

Eat slowly and chew thoroughly

Food can pass through the new stoma only if it has been chewed into very small pieces. Always remember to take more time for your meals and chew your food very well.

Stop eating as soon as you feel full

Once your stomach is full, your body receives a signal that you have eaten enough. It takes time though for you to become aware of this signal. If you rush through your meal you may eat more than you need. This can lead to nausea and vomiting. Take time to eat your meal. Try to recognize the feeling the fullness - then stop eating at once.

Do not drink while you are eating

This surgery can work only if you eat solid food. If you drink at mealtimes, the food you have eaten becomes liquid and the effectiveness of the lap-band is greatly reduced. You should not drink anything for one hour after a meal. This allows you to keep the feeling of fullness as long as possible.

Do not eat between meals

After a meal do not eat anything else until the next meal. Eating snacks between meals is one of the major reasons for weight-loss failure. It is very important to break this habit. Patients with proper "fill" levels do not feel hungry in between meals. If you are snacking this may be a sign that your band is too loose and you should consider a fill.

Eat only good quality food

You should be able to able to eat only a small amount so the the food you eat should be as healthy as possible. Do not fill your small stomach pouch with junk food that lacks vitamins and other important nutrients. Your meals should be high in protein and vitamins. Fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and cereals are good foods to choose. Foods high in fat and sugar are not. You may eat apples and oranges but try to avoid orange juice and and apple juice.

Avoid fibrous food

Food such as asparagus that contains many fibers can block the stoma. That's because you can't chew this food well enough to break it up into small pieces and your saliva can't break it down. Fibrous food should be avoided. If you would like to eat asparagus, pineapple or other fibrous foods once in a while you must be sure to cook them well, cut them into very small pieces and them chew them thoroughly.

Drink enough fluids during the day

If you lose weight your fat content will drop. This results in waste products. You will need to drink large amounts of liquid every day in order to urinate more and excrete these waste products from your body. Individual needs will vary but you should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

Drink only low-calorie liquids. Drinks, including those containing calories, simply run through the narrow outlet created by the band. If you drink liquids high in calories you will lose little weight even if you otherwise follow your diet.

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day

This rule is just as important as the other nine rules. Since physical exercise consumes energy and burns calories it is very important to successful weight loss. Exercise can help improve your general health. Your size may make it hard for you to exercise as much as you should. But get started even if it is a little at first. The more weight you lose the easier it should get. Start with simple exercises such as weight lifting, walking and swimming. Gradually expand your program to include more vigorous forms of exercise such as cycling, jogging and aerobics.

Increase your activity level in the course of daily living. For example, stand rather than sit, walk rather than stand, be outside rather than inside, walk rather than drive, climb the stairs rather than use the elevator, etc. Remember you should always check with your doctor about the amount and type of exercise that is best for you.

Drink as many calorie-free liquids per day as you wish.

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