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Why does it hurt when food goes down

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Am I not chewing enough? It seems like I chew the hell out of it but I still feel this pain as it goes down. I have to stop in my tracks, then I am not sure if I should start again. I realize it has only been two days of eating. But is this normal? Maybe I am just nervous, but I had some chicken maybe it was the skin. I am ok now but it hurt for about 3 seconds and I thought something was stuck there for a minute so I drank something and that can right back up. Yuck. I wont do that again. I guess I need to learn how to eat. Maybe I am eating too fast. I dont think I am but I think I may be doing something wrong. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks

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Hi Stormy, if you are feel tightness in your chest...chew your food better. I feel tightness with rice and potatoes...stop eating and let it go down...then continue..when you feel full stop!

Try not to eat the skin of anything...especially chicken or turkey..too fatty and really hard to chew into tiny bits. I don't eat chicken wings for this reason, too much work.

Be really careful that you are making healthy and band friendly choices...PBing is no fun!

Good Luck!

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We can have rice? I remember reading somewhere that they said no rice. I will check my stuff again. I bet it was the skin that did it. I wont eat skin ever again, it hurt. I am trying to eat healthy but I think the excitement of being able to eat took over for a minute. I can't wait to go to the store again and get some lettuce and vegies. I went and got some corn on the cob today, I haven't had that in years. I can't wait. It is nice to have only small meals. I think we are doing ok so far. I will be more careful. Thanks for responding.

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