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Dancing the party away!

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Last night after my 'Soup'er experience, which I posted today too, my hubby and I went to the VFW Post for a birthday and a Farewell party to a couple of people. Thank goodness I had my soup before we went!

I ordered a cranberry juice and a glass of ice chips and nursed them all the while we were there. Even though I was full with the soup, it was hard to SEE the food displayed on the serving tables because I've missed the biting and chewing of food! BUT, I did it and I was a good girl and the only thing I had was put only ONE tiny piece (a teaspoon worth) of watermelon in my mouth and sucked the juice out completely AND chewed the pulp to bits and spit out the pulp. Oh, it tasted ever so good! Other than that, I didn't have one tiny morsel of anything! I was so proud of myself! :D Hubby had his plate full of food and ate the cake and ice cream and I just sipped, sipped and sipped on my cranberry juice and crunched those darn ice chips away!

Karaoke began soon after the eating and after an hour of people singing their songs, requests for line dancing were asked. THAT got me going because I LOVE to dance! So, the first one was the Electric Slide and it was great because I was only using my legs and clapping my hands...so there's good exercises, right? Next there was another line dance and it's all foot work and doing 1/4 turns in between. Next came the Macarena...which was mostly all arms movements and a few bellying around, but NO jumping around to the next turn to face another directions! I was too scared to think I might jiggle the band off my stomach! :o

As soon as the Macarena song ended and everyone was going back to their seats, I turned to start walking towards my chair and found out I couldn't move...much less breathe normally. I felt as though my stomach and ballooned out and my air supply was starting to cut off. I started to panic but calmed myself quickly as I didn't want to alarm my body too much and get into a frenzy and caused a stir, etc.

My hubby saw me standing and guided me to my seat and I sat. BIG MISTAKE! I felt all my organs being pushed upwards and my lungs felt squashed. Immediately I stood up and came behind my chair for support to hang on. I slowly did my breathing, in through the nose, out through the mouth, a few times and then decided to go outside for fresh air. This helped and all was ok after about 10 minutes. I then examined what I've just done...did I dance to soon? Was this too hard on myself too soon after being banded last week? Should I have not drank any juice before dancing on a 'full' tummy?

After staying for a bit longer, we went home and in the car sitting was not too bad but the pressure was there. Going to bed and laying on my waterbed felt GOOD! I never woke up and had a good sleep. I woke up this morning and was afraid to move. I was waiting for some kind of 'pain' or discomfort of some kind. I laid for about a minutes and finally moved and nothing! I felt good! In fact, the small 'leftover gas' I had from the surgery was gone! I feel wonderful now.

So, being a newbie here...was I just lucky nothing hurts? Might I have moved my band or harm it? Did I break one of the bandster's rules of exercising like this? Was it ok because I got rid of the gas pocket I had? I was viewing Jann's post about the '10 important rules of eating, drinking and exercising' and I thought I was ok with the dancing - though slow dancing probably would been better at this point.

Sorry this was long but another lesson to learn for me...and I wanted to get another forn of exercising than just walking.

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Holy smokes! You did an awesome job with staying on point and avoiding all that food! So much temptation so early. This surgery does qualify as major surgery. I'm gonna guess you are right and it is a matter of too much too soon but I don't think there's any imminent danger. Wow, that must have been scary as hell! From everything I read the behaviour really has to be repetitive to do any damage.

I'm glad today is a better day. Be well m'friend!


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Oh GREAT! Coming from you Jann, one of the experts, I really needed to hear that because, yes, it was scary and I truthfully didn't want to get up this morning for fear I might have hurt myself in some way!

WHEW...what a load off my mind! Now I can relax and sleep good tonight...

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