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PB'd 2 days ago and still feel crappy.

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Any advice,

I PB's night before last on 2 teaspoonfuls of plain cooked white rice. I came right back up and my band now feels tighter. I feel tired and a little sore. I am not throwing up or anything and I can still get food and water down OK. Never having had a PB, is this normal, does it take a couple of days to feel better?


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Hi Kim, I am sorry you are not feeling well...go back to creamy soups for a day or two to let your esophagus heal.

Feel better!!

Thanks Cathy,

That's what I thought. I am surprised it hurt so much, it only lasted for a couple of minutes.

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Your band is probably swollen from PB'ing and that would give you a little more restriction. It just needs a little time to heal. I'm sure liquids for 24 hrs and then soft foods for 24 hours should do the trick. If not.. stay on liquids a little longer. Hope you feel better... I know that's what works for me.

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