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Embedding photos in your signature

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  • Upload your photos to http://photobucket.com/ after you create your account there.
  • Select SAVE and CONTINUE.
  • Select the IMG code directly under your photo as it is the only one compatible to this forum.
  • Cut and paste the code exactly as presented
  • Go to MY CONTROLS on this forum
  • Paste the image code you took from Photobucket
  • When you get the photos exactly the way you want them UPDATE SIGNATURE
  • This will embed your photo into your signature line.

For side by side comparisons --

  • I downloaded the Picasa beta. http://picasa.google.com/
  • Place the photos you want included in your collage in the same folder
  • Open Picasa
  • It will search for all pics by folder and find the one you've placed the photos you want to include.
  • Select that folder, select the pictures you want to use and look for the icon that says collage. (Above the photos) Play with the different collage options available until you find the one you want to use.
  • Save the image and upload it to Photobucket.
  • Repeat the instructions above to place it in the forum and your signature line.

I did this all off the top of my head so I think all the instructions are in place. G'luck!


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I finally got that Picasa software figured out, but I have a lot left to learn. I love it, it is great software. I am going to use it for all kinds of stuff including the side by sides. i would suggest it to anyone. Thanks for letting me know about it.

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