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Any Vegetarian Bandsters in the house?

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While being banded in July I bonded with two wonderful women at the OCC. We have since traveled to the OCC together for fills, offer support and many shared laughs. On our last trip, however, one of the ladies sounded quite disappointed and ready to throw in the towel. As a vegetarian she expressed her concern regarding the Band's dietary guidelines with Dr. Miranda and basically was not discouraged from having the surgery. Now, however, her vegetarian lifestyle and the band rules seem in conflict. She has no restriction after two fills and since a lot of her diet is soft, may never feel restricted. I'm a card carrying carnivore so

I 'm no help.

She doesn't get on the band forums, so I asked if it would be ok if I put a thread up. I'm hoping there is a vegetarian bandster who can offer her a little help/support. Her email address is klcolton@yahoo.com. She's a real sweetheart and it would be great to see her succeed.

Thanks for your help!!

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