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Fill Center or Doctor Sacromento or further north?

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Hi all,

Recently moved to Red Buff and I'm looking for a fill center or doc. I thought I saw a center advertised in Sacremento and now I can't seem to find it. Anyone know?


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These are not especially close , but I'll mention them anyway as options.

Dr Helmuth billy is an excellent band surgeon in Thousand oaks, Ca. He travels monthy to his office/cabin in TRUCKEE, CA and gladly fills Mexican clients at both of his office. Dr Billy :www.thebandmd.com/

In Eugene, OR. Dr Kelly Fitzpatrick will fill you. she is a Naturopath, has been thoroughy trained in fills, has been doing them for more thn 6 yrs, anbd is very excellent, as well as a very neat young lady. she was a very longime chemo RN before medical school, using our same ports.

Dr Fitzpatrick; www.gastricbands.com/

I know of a couple band surgeons in the Sacto area, but none will touch MX patient.

The closest fill Center is this one,about 400 miles:

Fill Centers USA

Garden Grove, CA 92843

It's incredibly important, imo, before we decide to go out of the country for surgery, to be CERTAIN we will have a local peson to fill us, or UNFILL in an urgent situation. We cannot be crawling back onto a plane for TJ when we are badly overfilled, vomiting, in bad pain, and having to pay horrible last-minute plane fares.

I have 2 friends who lost their bands altogether when they could not obtain quick local help.

good luck! hope you find someone..

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Hi my name is katelyn, I am going to be banded on Dec 18th, and was trying to research where I could be filled. I live in northern cali close to Napa, I was just wondering how much the doctor in truckee charges?

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