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Finally- I feel like I am losing!!!

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I am a crazy Christmas decorating fiend!!!! Last weekend when I was decorating my 6th (of 9) trees in our house.

I finally felt like I was losing!!! As I stood on the top of the step ladder, for the first time I was able to lean over without hitting tummy against the other decorated branches of fear of being to heavy for the ladder rating. I also never felt like I was out of balance or was going to fall. This was AMAZING!!!

It encouraged me to clean out my closet- I got 7 bags of clothes to go to Good will I got rid of sizes down through 20 and all 2x (except 1 favorite sweater- I can't give it up). SO I officially only have size 18 stuff.

The saddest part was I opened some boxes of clothes I put away (for after nursing- not accesible for baby) the last few months I was pregnant in 2003. I was looking foward to wearing them again- but alas I AM TO SMALL!!!!!!!!!!!! So out they went to

I did keep my stupid strech pants they are 2x (about 5 pairs) but I am trying to make them last till spring- I got a bunch of size 14/16 dresses last fall on sale (3$ and 5$ each) as well as capris and short sets. I can't wait for them to fit. I always feel I will be an xl or a big L because I am 5' 9" with ape arms (and lets not forget the bat wings from hell) but I am so excited for the first time since surgery)

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Congratulations!!! I could feel your excitment just reading your message. My surgery is scheduled for Dec. 21st. It helps to read posts like yours to confirm my decision is a good one. I can't wait to start getting rid of all the big clothes. Looking forward to wearing real summer type clothing next year.

Wish you all the best and continued success.



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Congratualtions to you..what a great NSV ( non scale victory)

Hey maybe next time you get rid of clothes to the goodwill..post it here or on other boards ..there are always fellow bandsters looking for used clothes , that is what I do when I am getting rid of clothes, I have never had a problem finding anyone who wants them.. Since none of us want to spend lots of money on clothing as we are still losing its a great way to help someone out..Just a thought!

You are doing fantastic..Keep it up!

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