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fill doctor in N. California

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I got back from a fill in TJ last week-my first. I have no restriction. Dr. So told me I shouldn't come back for 5 weeks. I am feeling very frustrated. I feel like my husband is looking at me thinking "wow, we sure did waste a lot of money". Besides having no restriction from this fill, my trip to TJ that was supposed to take 1 day took 2. There was an accident on the way to the airport and so everyone was arriving 4-5 hrs late as the freeway was completely shut down in both directions. I had to stay the night in San Diego and then go to Dr. O's the next morning. Then I waited 1 1/2 hrs to be picked up at the airport and going back they took everyone back just before I had my fill and so I had to wait another hour when I was finished when I could have just went with the first bus if they had waited 10 minutes. I don't mean this to be insulting but sometimes there tends to be a different view of time in Mexico so I really cannot blame OCC as I do believe it is cultural. Having to stay an extra day really was inconvenient, not to mention a lot more expensive. That of course was not the OCC's fault, but this whole experience has made me realize that I need to find a place closer to get my fills. While I was at the OCC, I met a woman from the Sac area who said that her sister was getting fills in Sacramento and that I could find the info at FillCenter.com. There's nothing there about a place in Sac. I called them and they said they are hoping to open a center soon. Does anyone know what place she was talking about? Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't mind having to drive but I would rather not have to fly. I live in Napa which is pretty much between Sacramento and SF. I know there are places in SoCal but I might as well go to TJ if I'm going to go down there. Does anyone know if the five weeks thing after your first fill is a hard and fast rule. Thanks for your help.

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