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Any advice?

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Here's a link to a great list and conversation about this topic, for pre and post trip.


For me it as pretty simple since I knew I could buy anything I needed in Mexico. (I just brought my clothes and went shopping for some shampoo and conditioner)

But others were way more organized than I!

Congrats on your decision to get the band!


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Hi Cheryl!

Here is a list the Julie had done back in June 08 but couldn't find the link. BUT, I had copy and pasted this on Word for me to take home to go over with.

From julieburns...

I thought it would be nice to start a new thread for soon to be bandsters. In the short time I've been her I see alot of posts asking what to take, is Mexico safe, how about traveling alone etc. There may already be a list like this but to have just one place to look would be nice. So hope on board here fellow bandsters and let's come up with an all inclusive list of what people want to know before surgery. Remember these should just be non-medical type info just the practical stuff.

So here goes

1. Take 1 or 2 types of gas relief OTC meds because you can't get them in TJ. Suggestions include gas-x strips, phazyme, beano- and/or tums. I think the 1st 2 are the best.

2. Take bouillon cubes, powder for convenience and to save a few bucks if you care about this. Also take the protein water packets. Having them for the trip home is nice because you can't get them on any plane I've flown on.

3. Pack LIGHTLY!!! Yes I am screaming this but I too was guilty of overpacking. I only took a rolling backpack but it was so stuffed I though the zipper would break any minute. Take half of what fits in a backpack and you'll be happy. Also leave room for any little shopping finds you just have to have.

4. Have any liquids in 3 oz. or smaller containers and in a 1 quart ziplock bag if you are not checking your luggage, you should not need to check luggage as you should not take so much stuff. I suppose though if you are extending the days of stay for a mini vacation then it's ok to check or if you just find it easier. Have this bag easy to take out to go through security. Also wear slip off shoes for the security check if you can.

5. I traveled alone and had no problems or any sort of scary times. You will meet other people as soon as at the airport that are also getting banded or having a fill and you'll have an instant group of people to hang with. Just don't go out at night alone, be in before dark if you do.

6. Sports bras are much nicer to the freshly banded body. 1 tiny incision sometimes is close to your bra line and it can be irritating. Take/wear loose comfortable clothing. I saw alot of people in mumu type dresses for comfort. Loose sweat type pants or shorts and a Tshirt works too.

7. You'll do lots of walking both at the clinic after surgery and outside. Bring/wear comfortable shoes. You really don't need slippers at the clinic but something you can just slip on and don't have to bend over to tie and untie. They have you cover your shoes with little blue booties to keep the area clean.

8. They have a great cable TV with lots of channels and nice music in your room at the clinic. The hotel Lucerna's channels are more limited. Bring a small book or crosswords puzzles or whatever helps you pass time easily if you need it. I found the time to go by quickly and only watched TV so don't waste the space in your suitcase if you really don't need to.

9. If you can all avoid it do not go out and have a huge, spicy meal the night before. Eating light the day before surgery helps there be less in your stomach and intestines thus causing fewer complications. I know people who've had a last meal if you will and done just fine but if you can stay strong and go lightly with the food the day before.

10. No nail polish the day of surgery. The same goes for a ton of makeup. The say actually NO makeup. So use your best judgement.

11. Pre-stock your fridge at home with some of the following: clear juices you like...apple cranberry, grape. You'll drink alot of this so get enough. Some people mix half water and half juice to cut the sugar calories or for those diabetics. Popsicles, jello, (can/should be sugar free), broths of all type, Special K protein H2O, drinkable yogurt for day 4-7, anything else fellow bandsters?

Here's a start. Please add on to this everyone.

12. This is more for after you get home but buy some BENEFIBER. It dissolves completely in practically anything liquid as well as foods. It will really help you get in your fiber during liquids phase which is essential for so many reasons we all know. DO THIS!! Yes there are other types of fiber available some in tablet form you can chew up but I like this one the best.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Other tips:

- If you are flying, grab some of those little white 'barf' bags in the airplane seats for your purse, for just in case.

- Bring some of those "TO GO" Crystal Light drink packets. Since you can't have soda pop, this is an alternative and between OCC and the hotel, you will have water bottles available.

- Empty your purse out! Take only what you need for the trip and that's it. Don't weigh yourself down with stuff you will not use.

- I used a small roller suitcase and still had room...thanks to Julie's suggestion NOT to overpack! As it was, I didn't use all of the little things I brought.

- Cell phone ~ check with your service provider on international calls from TJ. I had texted only...

I am sure there are other little tidbits to add...but this should get you going!

Congrats on you and your sister being banded!!!

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Congrats on the big decision. Now Jude already posted what I would have told you to look up. The whole thing is listed under "Questions" down at the bottom of the main menu page if you want to see anything else.

By the way, I was wondering and you don't have to answer this is you don't want to but did you adopt a girl(s) from china? We have no children and I have thought about this.

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Congrats on the big decision. Now Jude already posted what I would have told you to look up. The whole thing is listed under "Questions" down at the bottom of the main menu page if you want to see anything else.

By the way, I was wondering and you don't have to answer this is you don't want to but did you adopt a girl(s) from china? We have no children and I have thought about this.

Hi Julie,

Yes I have two precious girls from China. My oldest is now 8, brought her home at 13 months and my youngest is 5, brought her home at 18 months. I am a single mom and it is the best thing that I EVER did! Lab band may be the second best! Have you checked out the apc site? I haven't been on in 4 years, but if you do a search and put in china adoption, it will come up. It is a very large yahoo group, probably over 10,000 members who are interested in, have adopted or are in the process of adopting from China. Lots of fussing and arguing, but lots of good info. I used the agency Great Wall China Adoptions in Austin, Texas for both (I live in Texas). I would be happy to answer any questions that you have!


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I just recently returned from being banded at the occ, here is a list that I think is a must.

1. Gas-x strips I would start on those right after surgery.

2. Don’t wear an under wire bra no one told me that and it was painful after surgery because it rubs the incision.

3. I just brought 2 pairs of comfortable pants, 2 T-shirts, and my toiletries.

4. This is something I learned while there. There is a little brown food stand around the corner from the hotel that has excellent beef broth. I think I went there 2 times and it’s really cheap.

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I haven't been banded yet, but been participating here and researching like crazy before I go in Nov 11. Two books I HIGHLY recommend is Dr Ortiz's Lapband for Life and The Emotional First Aid Kit: A Practical Guide to Life After Bariatric Surgery by Alexander Cynthia.


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