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Hi everyone, I'm new!

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Hello -

So I have been lurking around this forum for a few days now, and have looked at the OCC website a million times, and thought it was about time I posted. I am really wanting to have the Lap Band surgery. I looked into a few months ago, after my cousin and her friend had it done, and then I kind of put the thought aside, and now I am doing some more research into it. I guess the biggest challenge I face, is trying to pay for it. I am going to apply for the financing, however, I have horrible credit, so we'll see. Anyway, enough of that, I have some questions for you wonderful ladies and men.

- What kind of down time is required, like for work. My job requires me being on my feet all day, with a lot of movement, like moving boxes, lifting, cleaning, that sort of thing. So I am trying to figure out how much time I would need to be off?

- Also, I have read on here that OCC requires a $500 deposit. After you make an appt when is that due?

- When I set up an appt, are they really booked up? Or can I normally get a date I choose?

- Last question, I have a Walt Disney world planned for my daughter and I on Jan 31st, but I am thinking right now my health is more important, so I was thinking of post poning my trip till end of April or even May. Would going on such a huge trip matter. I know that is several months after when I would like to have the surgery done, but with the fills and everything, I am not sure if it's recommended you don't do anything like that because of the fills for several months.

Ok, I am sure I will have more questions. Thanks guys :)

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Well, as far as the financing, I was able to get approved through Surgeryloans.com and the other one on the website (I was shopping for the best interet rates). But I ended up going with a personal loan from my credit union at work. They seemed very willing once they knew it was for surgery and that I was going to do payroll deduction. BTW, I have a rocky credit history with a BK after a divorce a few years back. Its definitely worth a try for you! I know for sure, even if you have bad bad bad credit they will still approve you with a co-signer. Beware though, the finance companies charge a 10% loan fee, so if you can borrow otherwise its better overall, but if I hadn't gotten the credit union loan I would have done whatever I needed to get it done.

The $500...its due within 3 days of scheduling. I didn't have any problems with my date. I schedule mine in mid-October first for Nov. 27th. Then last week called and moved it up to Nov. 29th. It seems that Fridays book with quickest.

As far as the trip, there are some people on the site that take vacations right after the surgery. I would think a few months out would be fine.

Well, welcome and keep us posted on your decision.



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Yes, you can't life for several weeks after surgery. Nothing heavy anyway. But normal work, walking etc is good for the band. Most people are back to work within days. And no problem scheduling a vacation either. I'd say give yourself 2 weeks then go to disneyworld and have fun! It really is a pretty easy surgery and doesn't hold you back from anything really. 2 weeks at the very most I would say.

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Welcome to the group! Just a few notes on my end:

* As was said before, watch the interest rates on the medical loans. I also got a small personal loan through the bank

* I was told no lifting anything over 10lbs for 6 weeks. But as far as work I was banded on a Th and back to work the next Wed. I was pretty tired the first day or two, but was totally doable.

* Surgery date really just depends. When I called, they were asking if I wanted to come that next week! So if you are flexible they should be able to get you in pretty quickly.

* And for vacations, again just remember the no lifting and you should be fine. Also, be aware that for the 1st 21 days you are on liquids. So that might be tough when traveling. I know i'm going out of town just for this weekend and i'm trying to figure out how i'm going to manage that.

Good luck!!

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Thanks to everyone for the information. I really appreciate it. I wished I would have decided on this before now, because with Thanksgiving and then Christmas, Nov and Dec are kind of out for me, and now I will have to wait for Jan :(

One more question, as far as the port, (that's the thing where the fills are put through, right?) is it something you feel? I am thinking I might be paranoid of even moving with a foreign object in me..lol. Its not something you have to worry about moving in your body when your exercise, right?

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One more question, as far as the port, (that's the thing where the fills are put through, right?) is it something you feel? I am thinking I might be paranoid of even moving with a foreign object in me..lol. Its not something you have to worry about moving in your body when your exercise, right?

Hey ckiki,

Yes, the port is how the fill/unfill your band. It is under the skin, and not visibly noticeable for most bandsters. However, if you feel around you can usually feel it.

You will definitely have a foreign object in your body. When you are first banded, your body needs to heal and you will have some discomfort. Some have very little... others a bit more. For myself, I had lots of "sharp" pains from the port area if I stretched/moved the wrong way in the first week and a half after the band. Sleeping on my side wasn't so easy; getting up the first week was a bit harder. Now, I don't even notice it unless I do something dumb like an ab crunch.

You will be able to do exercise, but won't be able to do any serious ab work for about 3 months. At least, that was what Dr. Ortiz instructed for me. Which is OK, I don't mind walking and getting up on the cardio right now. The ab work can wait.

Of course, your abs stabalize your core, so you are going to feel it if you lift heavy things or need to stabalize yourself. So the space walking, mountain climbing and sky diving might be something to plan for in 6 months from now. :-)


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