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Hi all,

Some of you might remember that I had to have an emergency unfill almost 2 weeks ago. Anyway, now that I have no fill, I have been keeping it at 1200ish calories a day, but I am totally hungry all day too! I am just so surprised I guess. Having a good fill means you really aren't even half as hungry throughout the day. And I had to make sure I got at least 1,000 calories a day back then........ So I am looking forward to getting another fill on the 24th, 1 week from now. Just so that I am not hungry all day anymore! That was always my problem, I hate to feel hungry....


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You can make it--one more week! I'm glad that you're getting filled again soon.

It's amazing, though, that you are trying hard to eat right even with no fill--something that not everyone would be able to do.

Good luck,


Thanks TRS. I actually had at least 3 days where I ate tons!!! But I felt awful and sick afterwards, so I was able to get back on track.... It's just not worth it to screw up after all this time!!!

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Hi Karen ~ like TRS says, you can do it, only one more week and you're in heaven! Just curious, have you tried those Fiber Choice for Weight Management or the Metamucil capsules for the hunger pang? They work for me wonderfully and I have one in the morning and one in the afternoon...just a suggestion.

Good luck, you are doing amazing with such willpower thus far!

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O karen

I hear ya! Today I could eat solids after struggling on liquids for the past 5 days.

Today I think I've eaten more than I have in the last month.

I think I'll have to DIET for the first time in Months. As you say a good fill makes the difference.

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