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Is too much laughter a bad thing?

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I hope this questions doesn't sound stupid.

David Alan Grier (of Comedy Central's "Chocolate News") is coming to town this weekend and I'd like to go see the show. No live comedy show is a guaranteed laugh fest, but the last time I saw this guy he had me absolutely rolling on the ground in laughter. I'm 6 days post op and will be 7-9 days post op by the time I go see the show.

My question... is too much hard laughter good during this stage of my recuperation? Every time I've laughed since surgery it's hurt a bit and I hold on to my little glue stitches like they're about to pop. Not that they're really going to pop but I'm just making sure you know. :-) I'm doing some good farting (the gas situation) so am in less pain than even a couple days ago. Just want to know if any of you guys have had issues with laughing too hard and make sure this is a good idea. Hope you guys are all doing well! :-D

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My husband and I always go to comedy shows and I have never had a problem. I don't see why it would be. Laughing is not only good for me, but soul. And that let's helps me have a better relationship with my husband so I say go and Have a great time!!!!!! :rolleyes:

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I think you'll be fine, especially more than a week after surgery. I never had any pain from laughing - the only real pain I had came from sneezing a few days after surgery.

DAG is hilarious! He was so funny on In Living Color back in the day.

ah yeah the guy is hilarious. You know on in living color he wasn't my favorite cast member, but once i saw him live my opinion of him totally changed. :-)

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