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Lapband and Poly myalgia Rheumatica

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Hi Everyone!

I am a newbie here, I will be going down to TJ Mexico to get my lapband in Feb.. Sooo can not wait!

I would like and my mom would like to get the lap band as well but she is scared becasue she has Poly myalgia Rheumatica. Wondering if anyone else has this and if so did the lap band help? Make it worse? Any info would be great.

Thanks in advance


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I would talk to the good folks at the OCC. I don't know anything about the disease, and how it would affect the healing process, but it seems every condition is complicated by obesity.

good luck!

Thank you.. I am going to call them tommarom(Monday)but I thought I would ask here because the best people to answer a questions are the ones that have gone thru it.

I hope they say it would be ok.. Would be good to go thru this with my mom.. We can be each others supporters.

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My mother has severe arthritis. I know this is different, but similar.

We had the surgery together 12/12.

She has lost 30 pounds and says her knees feel a lot better.

The weight will not make the arthritis go away, but the dr has said is will make it feel better...which it has.

Good Luck,


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