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Question about exercise after the 3 weeks

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Ok, so I think I read on here it was ok to do the treadmill and eliptical after 3 weeks, as long as you start out slow. Would that be correct? I am anxious to get back to the gym on Friday, so I was hoping this is true. I don't remember anyone at OCC telling me about exercise. The only thing Dr. Miranda said was no ab exercises until there was no pain (incisions, port, etc..) Also was anyone told when can they start lifting weights and doing more hardcore exercises?

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Besides, "do it" I was only told no ab work for three months after surgery, but everything else was okay. I generally do the elliptical + upper body or elliptical + lower body 4x a week. I can already see things firming up after only 3 weeks! I guess excercise really does work.

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I have run many 5K's over the past couple of years...I even ran a half marathon last year.

I've been walking when the weather allows, but I've really been jonesing to start running again...but I was told to wait until after the 21 days....

I'm currently on day 12.

I canceled my gym membership because it was $85 a month. There's another gym closer to home that's $20 a month, so I guess I need to join that one.

I own a treadmill, but it's currently at my Mom's house about 300 miles away (She had a heart attack 2 years ago and the doctor wanted her to walk more)

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