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for the old timers who are still here

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hello old timers! I am approaching my 10 month banding anniversary.

Like many others, I was getting little results with little fills until I went to a new fill center, due to scheduling issues with my normal one. The Doc there looked at my results so far, and said simply "You paid too much not to be getting the most from your band. Would you be willing to be a bit more aggressive with your fill?" and I said YES.

my fill record is:

1st fill 5 cc

2nd fill 1.0 cc

3rd fill .4 cc

and then, on January 19 1.4 cc (total 7.8 cc)

and I've lost 5 pounds this week, and not been hungry ONCE. I made minor adjustments to my eating habits, and enjoyed any food I wanted, including an ice cream or two. My quantity is the significant change. I'm full after a bowl of soup, or a couple of soft shell tacos. And I mean FULL. It feels GOOD to step on the scale every morning, and see the numbers appear that I saw YEARS ago...

Be patient, and be willing to be aggressive with your fills.


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:clapping: :clapping: YAYYY to a good restriction :clapping: :clapping:

Bill - Haven't seen you around for a while and we all missed you at our "get together" in Roswell ;)

I'm glad you finally have the right amount of restriction! As we all know, hitting the "sweet spot" is the key to our success,

or else we would not need the help of the band :P


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Hi Bill!!! So glad to see you and happy you are doing so well. I actually made an appointment at the OCC for February 19 to check out this band of mine. I am already at 10cc in my VG band and still don't have full restriction so they want me to come in and get it checked. So, I got really CHEAP plane tickets and was able to make arrangments, so hopefully I too, will get some answers. Take care and best of luck to you!!

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Way to go. Congratulations. I'm past ten months on my band now and still learning. Going slow but getting there. Glad to hear you found a doctor who is working with you. My husband has the 10CC band and he keeps telling me the same thing you said you were experiencing, that "not feeling full after eating" syndrome. He is headed back down to OCC for another fill in Feb. I hope he is as successful as you have been.


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Hi Bill ~ I am not an 'old timer' but gald to see things are moving DOWN for you! YAY!


Same here, but congrats! I'll have my 3rd coming up and I'm hoping I can get some restriction. I'm sure the weight will start flying off now!

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It has been 12 days since my agressive fill, and this morning was a great day!

The scale talked nicely to me, and I am at a new all time low... the last time it was this low was years ago. Thanks for the encouragement, and if your fill rep isn't being aggressive, you might want to consider it. Last night I helped myself to a cereal-bowl size serving of white chicken chili. It was awesome, and when I was full, I had eaten about half the bowl, in just a slightly longer time than the rest of the clan took to finish an entire serving. I didn't want any more. I am estimating I ate 4 to 6 oz of the chili. The soups work well at this stage, and solids are great if cut small and chewed well. I avoid breads, too except for crackers. We had a celebratory cake, and my slice was as thin as a paperclip is wide, and it was ok in very small bites. (and GOOD too).

I am thankful for the agressive fill. I wish I had gone to this doctor first, and a lot of my frustrations would have been avoided.

Ute!!! Good to see you!! The Roswell center is tough to schedule for me these days... talk to you soon!!

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