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No Restriction

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I had my first fill and I feel no restriction. I felt more restriction before I had the fill. The Dr. used the floroscopy and put in 4ccs. It's been 10 days. If I eat too fast, I fill that, but I can eat as much as before I had the surgery. Does anyone have an explanation?

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I've been told that most people don't feel anything after their first. After mine that was the case. Since my 2nd breads are out the door, but otherwise feel no restriction unless i'm sick or stressed. Even if I eat too fast or don't take small enough bites. But know everyone is so different - i've heard of real lucky ducks that get restriction after 1 fill. I have a 3rd fill coming up soon and i'm hopeful that this will be the one. Stick to the plan and know that it will come eventually.

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