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Teen lapbanders?

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Im 15 and had the lap-band put in jan 26 2009. I've lost 12 pounds since then.

Any other teens out there?

I know there are several on here, so hopefully you will hear from them soon. Congrats on your band!

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Hi Zeph,

There are several teens who have been banded, if you go to the main page and click on the topic discussion of :

Lap band for Teens

It is the fourth main topic after General Support & Discussions. You will be able to communicate more with the others in that section, as well as read some the questions and answers posted. Hope this helps and welcome to our group!

May your journey be a successful and fun "filled" journey.

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Hi I am almost 15 and about to be banded soon. Could anyone share their experiences good or bad in Mexico. Did anyone have a bad reaction. what happens if there is a complication or infection once you are home, do I have to go back to mexico. What do you tell your friends and family at parties. How hard is the post-op liquid diet would I be able to handle it in school. what solids can you eat and what do you have to give up forever. If there is a teen out there an you share your full experience from beginning to end.

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