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MalCal are you ready to go yet?

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Are you getting excited yet...Oh my gosh, I can hardly sleep. So you know where you will be staying....Any last words of encouragement anyone!!!???

Kim :D

You two are going to be fine! I can feel your excitement! LOL...good luck and see you on the other side!!!

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Just relax and enjoy! Be sure and don't push yourself and take time to relax afterwards and be sure and WALK a LOT!!!!1

Please let us know when you are done...good luck although you won't need it everything will go great!!!!

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Thanks everyone.

The experience was incredible. I finally met skinnyagain along with her husband and a group of very determined and interesting individuals. The hotel, the facility and staff were stellar. I do hope we all stay in touch and continue with our life long commitment.

Cheers to us!


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