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I went for a fill yesterday at the Fill Centers USA in DENVER, NORTH CAROLINA that willT recommended. If you will remember, the doctor of a large medical group actually does the fill himself. He does not use fluoro but has a way of giving you a concise fill and spends quite a bit of time with you.

I'm in Knoxville, so it was a 3.5 hour drive for me (a bit closer for me to go there than Roswell, GA).

I went to Roswell two weeks ago to get a fill (I needed one bad), but was told that I didn't need one and, in fact, it was questioned whether they could put back in what they took out!!!!!!???????? Needless to say, I was a bit upset, not only was I not getting a fill but the cost (visit plus fluoro) was a lot of money to spend for no reason... okay, I was REALLY UPSET. Having the band as long as I have, I know when I need a fill and I know what restriction feels like. So something strange happened that day and I cannot explain it.

ANYWHO.... The Denver Fill Center doc added .8 cc to my band (which is quite a bit for a gal who did not need a fill).

I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone near enough to travel there to get a fill. If I lived closer, he'd become my primary care physician.

I'm on liquid diet today so won't know how great this fill is until the next few days. Will keep you posted!!!

Huggggs to my pals!

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Hi, Glad that your fill went so well. I have been looking into a Fill Center USA, that is in Boise, Idaho.

The problem is that when I go online, there is no way to find out the costs. It seems that they want me to fill out a form before they will tell me the costs. Would you be willing to share what the cost was for your fill at the center? I would really appreciate it. Anne

In case the person that mentioned a fill nurse practioner in Lewiston, Idaho, is reading this could you tell me again where she is located and what her name is? Thanks.

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