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Eating too much??

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I am getting nervous that I have screwed up my band! I am pretty sure that I am just over thinking but I hope someone out there can tell me that everything is just fine.

So here's why.....

I am eating approx. 1200 cals a day maybe more maybe less depending on the day. I have be doing very little exercise up to now but tonight I am starting to working out at Curves. I had my surgery a month ago! I go for my first fill March 2.

I feel as though I am stretching my pouch, every time I eat. I have coffee in the AM, with oatmeal, or yogurt something to get me going. Then for Lunch I have tuna and crackers or a small salad, maybe a pudding for dessert. Then it all goes down hill from there. I am a night eater, so when I'm at work everything is fine, I don't feel hungry or full. As soon as I get home, its look out kitchen. I eat a lean cuisine dinner, which fills me, and then I drink herbal tea for the rest of the night to stop me from eating. I mean I'm not eating a lot of food, But eating and then drinking makes me so full. I start to drink about 30-45 min after dinner. I feel that I am pushing the limits, I know what the answer is, I need to stop drinking so much tea, and water. But I thought it was good for you and should it not just run through the band?

Does anyone else get full and stay full for hours after eating dinner? I'm I over doing it? Do you think I'm stretching my pouch? I cant wait to get my fill at the OCC, and for me see my pouch. Oh and I have not lost any weight since I have been able to eat a week ago, while on liquids I lost 17 pounds since the surgery and now I have stopped, Is that another sign that I am eating to much?

Thanks for listening,


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Hi Jenelle ~ I noticed you are drinking coffee with your meal? Or do you mean you drink your coffee first and then eat your oatmeal? Also, are you taking in enough proteins? Protein is the key to help lose weight, especially when exercising. Do you have a lean cuisine for dinner every night? At night, I would drink (1) cup of tea or a cup of Ovaltine along with drinking my last water bottle (which is like having 2-8oz glasses of water) for the day. Are you spreading out your water throughout the day? If your volume of food is not more than your normal 1/3 of what you use to eat and not drinking while you are eating, you should be fine.

If in doubt, call Dr Miranda for assistance. Don't get confused or frustrated. You're doing great so far and you are just starting out on this wonderful journey of yours. Follow the guidelines and you should be ok. When you get your first fill, you will relax knowing you can see your band under fluoro. It's cool.

Remember to not overdo the exercises at Curves as you don't want to do any hard abs work until 3 months post op.


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Thanks Jazzy Jude,

I am drinking coffee separate from eating breakfast, and I hate to say it but carbs are my down fall. I will kick up the protein now that I am working out. I told the girls at curves that I can't do abs, they said that was no problem.

I drink more at night than throughout the day, I will try to drink more during the day and even it out. I get about 1.5L to 2L a day in.

That's a good point about eating 1/3 what I use to eat. I most diffidently doing that! Its amazing how much food I actually ate before, gross!!

Thank you for you support,


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