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Hi There!

I was banded on Nov 7th 08 and had my first fill on Jan 5th 09. My fill was 1.8cc and I can eat anything I want. I get scared because I'm thinking that my band might have slipped and that's why I can eat anything I want. Could somethng be wrong with my band?

I go back to OCC to get my 2nd Fill on 03/07/09 and I'm hoping they will give me a tighter fill because I haven't been losing weight.

My weight when I was banded was 193 lbs and I am at 174 lbs. I've been at this weight for the last 4 weeks and it doesn't come down.


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Not having restriction after the first fill is normal, If your band had slipped, you would not be able to eat anything.

It takes most people 2 or 3 fills to hit their sweet spot, sometimes more.

Not sure how tall you are but according to your weight it looks like you have a lower BMI, The less you have to lose, It seems the tougher it is!

Hang in there, you are normal, and you should see a difference with your next fill.

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