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I finally reached ONDERLAND! @ 199!!!! OK, technically the scale read 203, but I was wearing jeans, tshirt, and we are supposed to take 3-5 pounds off for clothing right? So, although you may disagree, I consider it a technicality and will unofficially celebrate my entrance into onderland. :lol: :lb16:

:lb2: I hope, real soon, that I can step on the scale and have it actually read 199, then I can deduct 3-5 pounds off that weight and would be OFFICIAL at that point. Until then, I will enjoy my sweet success, because this time last year I stepped on the scale and it read 273, aaagggghhhhh! I can't believe that this amazing contraption called, lap-band, has helped me become successful in losing weight and making sure I keep it off! It's amazing! :yahoo:

:curtsey: I am more than halfway through my weight-loss journey!!!! I'm crying, not full fledge, but tears are streaming because I was so scared of getting it because you just never know the risks of surgery, foreign objects, etc... but I only wish I could have done it sooner! BUT, that's OK. I've done it!!! I have really done it! WOW!!!! I'm really going to start taking some more photos, I think that they really tell the story and unfortunately I was never keen to taking photos after I gained so much weight. BUT, as of today, photos here I come!!!! I should go out and buy some memory cards for my camera! :yes3:

:drinks: Tonight I will drink (for the first time, in who know HOW long??) a small toast to myself, to the lap-band, to everyone here on the board, and to success!!! :party: And I will dance the night away and celebrate unofficially with my friends and my dear loving husband! :girl_in_love::man_in_love:

Thanks for listening, you all are such great supporters, listeners, and voices!!! Thank you, THANK YOU! :lb21:

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