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less than 24 hours..

Posted by soon2bskinnybitch, 06 March 2012 · 305 views

  • Hotel room at the Marriott in Tijuana
  • My incisions right after surgery
  • Alyssa And Rachel
  • Before Lap-Band

Tomorrrow is the big day, I arrived in San Diego at 4:15 and the drive was there waiting for me as promised and he was so nice, I really enjoyed visiting with him. On the way he showed me a video about the OCC and it gave me a run down of what my day was going to be like tomorrow. When we arrived ar the border, I had to jump out of the van and push a button its kinda like a lottery system if it turns red you get searched if it turns green your good to go. I luckily got green YAY!! and in to Tijuana we went. The Marriott is absolutely gorgeous, and the service is phenomenal, almost everyone speaks some english and between there little bit of English and my little bit of Spanish we have made it work. I felt like an ass trying to figure out the pesos but they were really nice about explaining it all to me. I am really anxious about tomorrow, but my trip so far as eased my anxiety a lot. Ill check back in tomorrow after my surgery. Wish me luck!!!

YEAH! Today is the day!!! your probably already at the clinic. Everything is going to be great!
Keep me posted on how your doing. :0)
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Good Luck! I had my band last Friday, everyone there was very caring and helpful. Dont be afraid to ask questions :)
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Thank You.. Yes it was a great experiance.. I am a little uncomfortable now in the port area but besides that I am doing pretty good..
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